Most glory from one tribute income | Leader: Terrorist - 944 Glory!


Never saw this number of kingdoms before… low Glory…:frowning:


Post it here, you’re the leader for most kingdoms: Most kingdoms from one tribute | Leader: Rasper - 17 kingdoms


Can someone tell us what the odds are for getting a 19 kingdom tribute again?


The odds change with extra Kingdoms and the ability to get more Kingdoms to 3 Stars and 9 Stars.

This old thread might be helpful if adapted to the latest state of Krystara:



Hello, twenty club.

As more kingdoms move into 9-star territory, tributes like these should be become considerably more common in the future,

Highest number of tributes collected


Still Loving <3


Wow that’s insane!!!


Gratz Terrorist!

PS: this is Black Dragon luck :smiling_imp:


there is something about it Mad :wink:


@ All the devs, nothing to see here, move along. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Holy smokes