Highest number of tributes collected

PS4 player in the Smoke Dawg guild. All kingdoms are to lvl 10 with most of them (at least 1/2) at power lvl 4 with double tribute chance, and yellow statue giving another 3% tribute chance. I have got up to 12 kingdoms to pay tribute, and have had as few as one pay tribute with 5-7 being the average. Is it possible for all 32 kingdoms to pay tribute? What is the max kingdoms paying tribute for anyone else? Just curious as it seems there should be a chance to get all or none, which I have seen none pay tribute but never higher then 12 kingdoms paying tribute in a given hour.

12 is also the most I’ve ever had, but I have seen a screenshot of somebody on xbox with 14 kingdoms.

Sods law, after my post yesterday I went and got 14 Kingdom tributes last night!

There are screenshots floating around of people (Rasper, specifically) pulling 17- and 18-kingdom tributes. I’ve had a 16 recently.

It’s theoretically possible to do better. But the odds are already very low even for 15 kingdoms, let alone for 19 or 32!



I have been tracking Tributes for a few weeks now i’ll publish my results once I get a few thousand I can tell you I should be seeing 20 kingdom tributes with my stats but I have never ever seen one.
I have had zero’s already but my highest to date since tracking is a 16 (once in around 350 tracked tributes to date and 2 x 15’s).


Big Tributes are possible on console. Xbox player here. I’ve got a 17 and a 0 (ZERO) the next week. So that keeps things in balance. :sunglasses:

I think Fleg got a 18 on the X1.

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I’m sure they are possible I’m just hoping to show through data how rare they actually are

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I have a screenshot posted in our club with 18 kingdoms, it netted 17.5k gold, 17 gems, 2k souls and 473 glory :smiley:
If only that was every hour.


Screenshot_20180421-130958This is my best tribute (considering kingdoms) I’ve collected since I started to plsy