Most glory from one tribute income | Leader: Terrorist - 944 Glory!


At the other end of the scale I just had a one kingdom tribute from mist of scales. I’m on ps4 and have every kingdom unlocked and maxed apart from suncrest which is 4f*. However we haven’t got urskaya yet. I’m due a twenty now!


Well done best to video tributes then screenshot as you missed your keys and gems stats



Holy, wow! Congratulations thats insane!


Thanks! With more kingdoms added we have more chances to get record.


Scrolled up and saw the old tribute screen…why did you have to bump this topic :cry:


Doh, I just missed it:


Most for me that ive noticed


Highest kingdoms I’ve had, I think…

Shame its mostly not Glory lol.


Congrats, an amazing record.


My best so far


A guild mate managed this today. Have anyone had/seen a tribute of 19 or more before?


Is the glory amount for each kingdoms different on PC than on Xbox? Im on Xbox.

I have all kingdoms power at maximum possible with the actual available troops and the total of Glory that I could receive for (the impossible) 31 tributes in one time would be 332 glory.

Now if I add the 10% bonus from my yellow guild statue at lvl 200. Thats 33 more glory for a maximum total of 355.

Can someone explain how to receive more than 355 glory? What the hell am I missing ?

edit: the total of 332 glory for all 31 kingdoms is reached with obviously Whitehelm as home kingdom.


I haven’t done the math, but are you included the triple tribute for 7 power stars?


Yes. I have all kingdoms at least 7 stars (2 blue stars) excepted Bright forest and Merlantis. These 2 kingdoms give me double tribute.
In kingdom menu, then tribute menu is where I looked to calculate the total of my 31 kingdoms. My total is 332 glory. (also I have Whithelm as home kingdom)


Damn. Got another 16 kingdoms, went too fast to get a screenshot. Again.


Aha! Got it this time. *fist pump*


I got this this morning, personal best.




New highest total kingdoms, Glory still laughing at me though of course.