Most glory from one tribute income | Leader: Terrorist - 944 Glory!


Wow, only 5 glory more to beat the record. 18 Kingdoms tribute is the most I have seen. Well done! :wink:


Grats, amazing tributing :slight_smile:


There can’t be a competition on how much gold is created by tributes, as it also has the cumulative gold income base from kingdoms: you make it go up just by waiting longer before clicking to collect…,


I was just interested in the highest tribute of everything to be honest.


I’m not trying to come across as rude, but why should it matter if somebody wants to wait a few hours to let the gold stack up for the highest gold in one tribute? I’d be all for a competition for most gold in a tribute.

I feel that’s like saying “you can just wait to get more glory by getting Whitehelm to X stars for better tribute chance or amount.”


I guess that’s fair. A lot of folks won’t really be competitive due to collecting tribute as often as possible, but it’s still a valid contest. (My understanding is that uncollected tribute caps after 24 hours.)


Feel free to make a thread around most Gold from one tribute income. :slight_smile:


Not even close to a record, but 99 glory from a 2 kingdom tribute is pretty decent… :slight_smile:


So has something been adjusted(?), I have not even been close to a 300 glory tribute the latest month I think.


I actually just got my highest ever today at 255


was 255 the highest you got the latest month?


Its the highest i have got ever

Edit i got it today


For a period 400-500+ glory used to happen a few times for someone who had everything maxed 1-2 months ago.

    <img src="/uploads/gemsofwar/original/3X/9/a/9af92ddb74b9ce6660d54fc9fafda066bc50de9e.jpg" width="666" height="500">





wow, holy bananas and its skin. WOW! :smiley: You have the lead old guild mate! :smiley:


No gems or keys or did he capture too early? Impressed!
The most anyone in quimby has had was around 375 I think.


Too early it seems like, he probably got too excited. :smiley:


Too early…

(Carpe Diem) :rofl:


So close… :frowning: :slight_smile: