Most kingdoms from one tribute | Leader: Rasper - 17 kingdoms

Well I couldn’t have been further off the beam, could I lmao

Thanks for the link!

edit: That link doesn’t answer my q.

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This has been explored in detail:

I think the numbers are off slightly since it’s been determined since then that status effects have a zero percent chance to wear off on turn 1, so the mortality rate is somewhat higher than listed, but the general idea remains the same.

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That is an individual troop’s chance.

I don’t get you. When I need your help immediately, you take 2 days.

When I make a moronic comment and delete it literally 3 seconds later before you have a chance to see I’m a moron, you have already replied!


My sole purpose in life is to inconvenience and annoy you.

(And Jainus. Quick, someone start a “buff Bone Dragon” thread!)


I know where you live.


I thought my 200+ glory was impressive. 300 congrats man hahaha.
Also, good thinking updating the title ;).

Might take a long time before someone beats Raspars record.

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excuse to keep playing the game, a good new goal :wink:

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Wasn’t sure which was more ideal, month+ necro or making my own self-aggrandizement thread…

Most I’ve seen in a while.

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We are about to get another kingdom, so someone should be coming closer of at least reaching rasper the tribute ruler.


On console we are still limited to 7 Stars per Kingdom (not sure if its been lifted on PC yet). When they lift that barrier I think you’ll easily see larger tribute numbers with the x3 multiplier.

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7 stars at PC too. Should be upped with 3.0 as i understand. But reaching 8 stars will be a totaly different story.

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First time I ever got 15 kingdoms at once.


Seems like this gets me to 2nd possition for now but @Rasper still leads :slight_smile:

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My good luck continues, though the glory from it was weak.


For how long did you save this screen? :slight_smile:

I posted in the other thread, forgot to do so here until I was summoned



Damn. I got a 14 earlier today, think that may be my highest, but it was almost all gold/souls, only 200-something Glory…