Most kingdoms from one tribute | Leader: Rasper - 17 kingdoms

My best was just now with 7 (5 x 3 stars) I have had 5 a long time ago, with less kingdoms and much lower levels.

My highest so far, with 18 kingdoms at 3+ stars:


Although that only happened once. I very rarely have more than 3 these days.


I’ve gotten 8 a couple of times; usually I get 5.

8 is also my best so far :slight_smile:

8 is my best. I usually have at least one 5 or 6 per day… 11 kingdoms at 3 stars and the rest at 2 stars.

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Never received more than 5 so far, although it happens relatively frequently.

I haven’t maxed out the Level for all Kingdoms yet, though (let alone the Power). But I’m slowly but surely getting there: only 3 more to go, and they’ll all be at Level 10. Stars are another story altogether: I have one Kingdom at 2 stars, a few at 1, and most at 0 still. ^^

Admittedly, I’ve been reluctant to use those traitstones, however: I’ve given 3 traits to a couple of troops, but otherwise I’m hoarding them. I have hundreds of Blue & Brown from Arena, not sure what to do with them yet. Still, that 2nd Arcane Beast I desperately want for this one troop I want to try in PVP keeps eluding me…

I think 6 is my best to date, though I might have gotten a 7 once. I only just got my first kingdom to 3 stars and working on my second, so 6 is pretty good for all 2-star or worse!

10 twice, this was the second.

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I think my best tributes have been 2 or 3.

I only have 3 kingdoms at level 10.


I’ve got 8 once, 6 once, and rest were 5 or lower. But I don’t have any kingdoms with 3 stars, only 6-7 with 1 gold star and the rest are silver.

My record is now 10, which I’ve only had once.

I’ve had 9 on quite a few occasions…

My record is 3 or 4. :joy:

The most I’ve gotten is 9 and that only happened once. I have 14 kingdoms with 3 stars or more.

12, but I messed up on my snapshot activation and missed the chance to take pic :sob:

I don’t remember ever seeing a 15 kingdom tribute, so here’s mine:


I literally jus hit my most ever which is 8 kingdoms.

I hit that about 2 times a day :stuck_out_tongue:

This is my biggest tribute income. Ive hit 13 kingdoms before, but it wasn’t as much because not as many tribute bonuses at the time (no screenshot either). I’ve hit 11 at least 2 or three times I think.


Ami the only one waiting for someone to get a screenshot of 22 kingdom tributes?