Most kingdoms from one tribute | Leader: Rasper - 17 kingdoms

Probably not, no.

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I’ve gotten 10 a few times, have a screenshot of one of them somewhere. I play almost exclusively on console so we are still short a few kingdoms compared to PC.

Guessing this will hold the record for a while.


Would anyone care to do the math on what the odds are of hitting ‘x’ amount of kingdoms all at once with a 10% chance per kingdom (assuming you have them all maxed).

Awesome Rasper Awesome :slight_smile: :+1:

You can do it for yourself here:

I’m math illiterate, that’s why I asked…

Probability of success of a single trial: 0.1 (in your example; 0.2 assuming kingdoms have double tribute chance)
Number of trials: 27
Number of successes: (Whatever number of kingdoms you wish to see tribute from)
Cumulative probability P(X ≥ x): Odds of receiving the desired tribute or more

For 10% chance with 27 kingdoms:

{0, 0.0581497}, {1, 0.174449}, {2, 0.251982}, {3, 0.233317}, {4, 0.155545}, {5, 0.0795006}, {6, 0.0323891}, {7, 0.0107964}, {8, 0.00299899}, {9, 0.000703467}, {10, 0.000140693}, {11, 0.0000241595}, {12, 3.579182615574883*^-6}, {13, 4.5886956609934245*^-7}, {14, 5.098550734437126*^-8}, {15, 4.909715522050585*^-9}, {16, 4.0914296017088295*^-10}, {17, 2.9415506940390184*^-11}, {18, 1.8157720333574278*^-12}, {19, 9.556694912407466*^-14}, {20, 4.247419961070016*^-15}, {21, 1.5731185040999946*^-16}, {22, 4.76702577000002*^-18}, {23, 1.1514555000000052*^-19}, {24, 2.132325000000021*^-21}, {25, 2.8430999999999784*^-23}, {26, 2.430000000000011*^-25}, {27, 1.0000000000000092*^-27}}]

Note that the tribute chance increases to 20% when you hit three stars, and the red guild statue also gives a 6% bonus. It’s unclear if that’s an additive or multiplicative 6%, but I assume the max is 26% tribute chance per kingdom currently.

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Or yeah, that works too. :smiley:

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Alright, fair enough. If people want to keep it going, who am I to frustrate that. I’ll clean up.

So, if it is indeed a 26% chance per kingdom, there’s a 1 in 91,186 chance of getting 18 or more tributes from 27 kingdoms. Good luck, y’all!

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Is 55% the chace of a a Death Marked troop to die, if you just let him sit there round after round?

I conceived it as 10% per round each round diminishing by the % chance of the heal. So round one would be the base 10% chance, round two would be 9% (10% chance for effect to shake off, right)? Carrying on round three is 8% (now 20% chance to shake off), round four 7% (30% chance to shake off), and all the way we go down leading to a total of 55% chance.

Is this the right approach?

Mathematically yes, but I heard a dev say (don’t ask me to track that down!) that the max is capped at 16 kingdoms.

For Death Mark, check out this thread:

Sorry, right thread, wrong post. Lyya’s post is what I thought you were looking for. But it sounds like we need some new calculations since first-turn cleanse of death mark doesn’t actually happen.

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Well I couldn’t have been further off the beam, could I lmao

Thanks for the link!

edit: That link doesn’t answer my q.

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This has been explored in detail:

I think the numbers are off slightly since it’s been determined since then that status effects have a zero percent chance to wear off on turn 1, so the mortality rate is somewhat higher than listed, but the general idea remains the same.

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