More Statistics = Low Hanging fruits or


… just a QoL Update with some simple SQL Code?!

From the beginning Gems of War has a big lack of statistics:
Why? - It can’t be so much work for you and you will reach one of the most important goals: Having more active players by trying to climb in (these statistic) Ladders!

The two great Fan-Pages from @Lyya and @Taransworld have much more statistics and some of them should nearly be mandantory ingame!

  1. Player Leaderboards (for registered players)
  1. Guild Statistics
  1. Why does the new Tower of Doom Event got a Guild Ranking, but the older ones (Boss, Invasion) not?
  2. …so much more posibilities with some brain storming…

Why don’t we have such statistics ingame?
Reality bites: Instead you decreased(!) the old Ranking from Top 50 to 25: Guild Rankings decreased from Top 50 to 25

Please take a look and upgrade this part with one of the next updates! I am sure you will also profit by more active players!