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More Statistics = Low Hanging fruits or

… just a QoL Update with some simple SQL Code?!

From the beginning Gems of War has a big lack of statistics:
Why? - It can’t be so much work for you and you will reach one of the most important goals: Having more active players by trying to climb in (these statistic) Ladders!

The two great Fan-Pages from @Lyya and @Taransworld have much more statistics and some of them should nearly be mandantory ingame!

  1. www.GowDB.com: Player Leaderboards (for registered players)
  1. www.taransworld.com: Guild Statistics
  1. Why does the new Tower of Doom Event got a Guild Ranking, but the older ones (Boss, Invasion) not?
  2. …so much more posibilities with some brain storming…

Why don’t we have such statistics ingame?
Reality bites: Instead you decreased(!) the old Ranking from Top 50 to 25: Guild Rankings decreased from Top 50 to 25

Please take a look and upgrade this part with one of the next updates! I am sure you will also profit by more active players!

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