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Guild Rankings decreased from Top 50 to 25

Platform, device version and operating system
All plattforms

Screenshot or image
Need it?

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
Since yesterday you go to Guild -> League you could see the Top 50. Now you just can scroll down to 25.
Btw. Why a limitation, cant be a performance issue…

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

Steps to make it happen again
Go to Guild -> League (Last register) -> press triangle -> Scroll down, no more than No. 25 visible.


I noticed this as well as we are 17th place and I cannot see past 6th place anymore as of this week. On ps4 trophy leaderboards.

@Cyrup has this been reported yet?


PC is the same. My guild is rank 55 and I can only see from rank 44 to 66 and if I click the show top button I can only see from 1 to 25.

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Hey thanks for writing about this.

We reduced the number of guilds shown per page on the Guild Leaderboard recently to optimise the game further. So this is intended and not a bug.

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So now we can never see top guilds unless we are in them? What is the point then if we can’t see who number one is?


Hi Kafka,
you mean technical optimization? Because for us players this is definitly a deterioration.
The usefullness of this all-time-quantity-ranking was never sooo big for me (Guild Wars shows much better the quality of a Guild), but just 25 Guilds?

Can you rethink that - why not Top 100 or no limitation?
I think the reason are your server ressources in combination with Live-Ranking (although this cant be real Big-Data…).
Idea: Instead of going down to 25 why dont you just update it all 5/10/15… minutes?

You can allways see the No. 1 by pressing triangle on PS4, but you will never see Guilds beyond 25 until you are nearby with your guild.


I see it as a deterioration too. As far as I remember people have been asking to see what was beyond top 50, not to see fewer guilds. Maany guilds care about their rankings and like to see what is going on in the game. I am very surprised that there are not more reactions on that topic.
The weekly results of the top 50 have been an institution for a very long time. What about it now?


Not a fan at all :unamused:

More info desired, not less.


Guilds went away.
This stayed…
Because of “optimization”… Oooookay then.


Seeing top stats is one of the fun things :confused:


I have to agree. Hoguns Paladins (Rank 55) was looking forward to being in the top 50 soon, now what’s the point. I also feel very bad for guilds rank 26-50 who used to be considered top guilds who do not even make the list now. As everyone here said, guilds like to see where they rank to one another, it drives the fun, competitive nature of players.

We don’t need instant gratification, maybe instead of loading the Guild Rankings with all the other guild data, wait till they click it (kind of like when someone clicks a guild mates’ profile). It will take a second to display but at least we will get what we want (a bigger view of where we stand in the game).

Please consider alternatives to removing this info from us. Thanks.


I agree with everybody. This make the game worse, not better. I know you hear this a lot, developers, with new game modes and such that you worked hard on, and then people disappointed, and obviously you cannot throw away months of work because the players don’t like results…but this feels like something small and simple you COULD pretty easily restore…


Thank you @Taransworld first.

Since one of my guilds entered rank 500 and was automatically enlisted on Taransworld it has always been a way of encouragement and a morale work up to show our guild progressing against other guilds in similar ranks (especially trophy gains).

I’m nowhere tech savvy as many members here but i have not seen any optimized performance from the game play today compared to yesterday.

I absolutely agree with everyone above and would appreciate if this feature returned and performance optimization could be compromised from other areas of the game.


Please change this back. The top 50 is an institution in the game and a goal for a lot of guilds.

I just cant imagine why you would need to cut back here.

Surely there is a better way to be able to optimise the game than giving us less feedback on how we are all doing at it.


Please revert the change or let us see all the ladderboard

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Think all of the comments justify the outcome to this.

What a stupid thing to do. Ridiculous that you can only see top 25.

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Bring back the top 50… actually stretch it to :100: while you’re at it!


Please revert this change back. The top 50 is an inspiration as long as i play GoW and one of the long term goals, which you always like to give to end game players with Zuul’Goth or maximizing weapons or factions soon. You see, we already have a long term goal nobody complains about.
Besides that you’re going to bring in more stats to guilds with activity monitor and all that stuff?
That for sure will bring a performance lag, more than taking away the Top 50. And that’s what you devs call optimization?
I’m really sad and can’t understand it at all.


I can only say what others already said. Please revert back to the Top 50.

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For guild Ranks… Why even stop at 100? I seriously say top 500 or make it able to see every single guild in the game.
What’s the the point of having Ranks for each guild if no one but the guild can see them outside of the now top 25?