Guild Wars Rank (Fixed 4.3)

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Samsung Galaxy S9+

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Patch 4.2 made it so we can see guild war ranks from players profile. It hasn’t worked as intended since the patch came out. My thoughts were that we had to finish a guild wars for the correct rank to trigger. Doesn’t look like that was the case.


Same on PS4

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Same with pvp rank

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We’ve all been reduced to just zeroes and ones… :cry:


Thank you, I’ve made a report for this for the team to look into when there’s few more devs around after the holidays.

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Did you ever see a rank in the profile at all? I imagine not, but good to be sure.

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It’s always said Rank 1 since the patch came out for all guilds.

1500 gems for everyone!


EVERYONE submit a missing Rewards ticket and use your profile as proof. :wink:

3 months later and the bug still exists on PS4 (don’t know about other plattforms) :roll_eyes:

Will this finally be fixed with 4.3 - can’t be so complicated…

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I would think at the very least it would be on the “known issues list” by now. 🤷


I forget things, hang in there :wink:

This is fixed in 4.3. Added to known issues too.


Good to read, hope it shows the rankings from this GW week then, so we dont have to wait one more month.