More items to craft in Soulforge

Soulforge is with us for a while now, and it had been pretty awesome to make many items become useful again (with an alibity to craft weapon and Mythic!!) No more excess of lower traitstones! But some problem still remain…

The only tab of Soulforge I never use is the “other” tab, which only have an option of “crafting 100 soul for 10 diamonds”, which is not every useful, except for someone who have all 4 copy of every Mythic and all Legandary ascension. It would be nice to have other options. This is my idea.

  1. Crafting 50 souls - from 1 map / 500 for 10

Maps can be obtained regularly if you used board-control troops. And if you also have been buying “Spoil of war”, you will likely have excess of maps which will likely never run out. An option for only able to craft 10 at once is to help players to not complety out of map for certain events. Amount of souls can be adjust accordingly.

  1. Crafting 3,000 shards / 1,000 souls - from 1 celestrial stone.

It’s hard to have excess of celestrial stone, but it can happen eventually. My number of shards is based by amount of them used for crafting it. (all 600 colored jewel = 500x10x6 ÷ 10) I think it will be useful to do when you’re few diamonds short of crafting Mythic before it gone, despite its very high price. Celestrial is hard to farm, so I think diamond overflow is might not be a problem. If you change it completely for souls, they won’t be any problem.

  1. Crafting some amouts of shards/soul - from 10 Runic of any type,

Like the celestrial, but this one is risky of diamond overflowing as hell, so I can’t estimate its value. To only able to craft 10 at the time is for making faming Runic for diamonds not really worth it, only some very excess Runic stones will do. But Runic from Glory pack will throw the whole things in a wreak. So souls might be a better option.

This is all I can think of right now. I think it will make all items useful in other way and can be craft for other stuffs. No more excess of something you can’t use/run out. What you do guys think? If you have any more suggesting, let me know!

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I’d like more soul forge items too, but at this time they are not going to make new ways to earns shards/jewels/diamonds. Devs want it limited by day without anyway to rush to get more without spending $5 at a time.