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Add soulforge items to disenchantment

For higher base rarity cards could add some soulforge items to their disenchantment such as colored gems and diamonds.
Possible options.

Mythics: 20 of each color gem they represent and 5 diamonds
Legendary: 10 of the color gem they represent
Epic: 1 of each color they represent
UR: 25 shards
Rare: 10 shards
common: 1 shard

This would make getting gems a little less grindy and it would also give a useful place for the excess troops to go.


I’d prefer to be able to “Craft” them into crafting resources. Like sacrificing a copy of a Mythic should give you 1/4 of the materials you need for a new mythic. I’m not sure this works at rarities lower than legendary, but mythics are where it really matters anyway.

They can’t, not without making a major uproar.

For the longest time they’ve been telling people that it’s ok to disenchant extra mythics, and there’s nothing else planned for these to be used for. The single-click disenchant button was too tempting for many to use (compared to disenchanting one by one), and if it turned out anyone who used it is now losing a lot of crafting resources, many people will get angry.


Agreed. That way lies madness.

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It would literally be a deal breaker for me, unless a refund of countless resources was being offered which of course would flood the market which is why we in this situation in the first place…

The rabbit hole only gets deeper… :scream: