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More bespoke weekly events: Quest Troop buffs?

So we’re enjoying the weekly events and challenges from last week’s patch - gathering Snots for the progression challenges, and so on.

I’d like to see more events, and more diverse events, for sure - though of course we only just started.

In particular, I’d like to see more events that reward the use of unusual builds and less common troops.

For me, this week’s event of ‘extra traitstone for using Mr Snowman’ doesn’t quite do enough: one only needs to stick him in a Valk/Justice/Mab build (which could win with pretty much anything in the fourth slot, including my Aunt Doris) - and in this case Snowy works super-well with Mab and Valk anyway…

So how about challenge events that encourage use of (1) Heroes and (2) your ‘ally’ Epic troops that are your entourage built up from the quest lines.

To qualify, must have:

  • your hero in your PvP invade team
  • this week’s quest Epic troop (so this week would be Tassarion as we’re in Glacial Peaks)
  • must cast the quest Epic’s spell at least once

To make this more appealing, the quest ally Epic of the week gets an extra bespoke buff:

  • for example, this week Tassarion gets +40% to all stats, and starts all battles with 50% mana filled
  • or could be, Tassarion’s spell also deals Magicx2 damage to all enemies this week
    (NB: if the Epic also qualified for the +25% race bonus, that shouldn’t stack with the +40% here, you just get the +40% bonus)

As a prize for completing the conditions, one or more of the following:

  • extra Snots (points)
  • traitstones / souls / gold / glory
  • etc, could vary by week



I feel like something like this is already built into the event system, via using specific troops like this week (who’s to say they’ll limit it to one troop each time?) or some other criteria, like troops with base rarity of epic. Whether we’ll actually get something exactly like this, who knows?

Maybe we’ll get the reverse too - use teams with NO “x” troop or troop type. No undead, goodbye Bone Dragon! No Freeze mechanic, goodbye Mab! etc. Though this might irk some folks, events will always be temporary and optional, so…

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they have for the event buffed not only a race but also a kingdom. This week it is fey and divination field.

… I know that. @Jainus was talking about encouraging the use of heroes and event epics, and my thought was, what if the weekly event was “use both Avina and Lady Sapphira” in a team"? That could make for some pretty interesting weeks. “Use both Luther and Queen Ysabelle in a team for 2x damage vs dragons” etc.

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A variation I was thinking of was to add the legendary ‘boss’ troop from the kingdom as well as the hero and the story epic, and put in some special interaction / bonus that reflects the kingdom’s story…

Could be a bit manic, for example…


  • to qualify for challenge, must have:
  1. your hero, Tassarion and Queen Mab in the team for PvP
  2. cast Tassarion’s spell and Queen Mab’s spell at least once each
  3. then win the PvP match
  • if you do, you get:
  1. Snot points
  2. double rewards
  3. extra traitstones, and so on
  • with the following special interactions / bonuses:
  1. Tassarion has +50% to all stats
  2. Mab already has +25% to all stats so doesn’t need more
  3. if you cast Tassarion’s spell, Queen Mab gains +5 Magic stat and instantly fills all mana
  4. if you cast Mab’s spell, destroy (your) Tassarion and refill her mana


  • to qualify: same as above but Hero, Sparkgrinder, Carnex in the team
  • bonus prizes etc same as above
  • the following special interactions / bonuses:
  1. Sparkgrinder has +50% to all stats
  2. assume this week would have a mechs bonus, so Carnex already has 25% to all stats and doesn’t need more
  3. if you cast Sparkgrinder on Carnex, also deals damage equal to Carnex’s attack to all enemies and to (your) Sparkgrinder

That’s assuming everyone actually has the legendary in question. This from someone who was level 750 before Sheggs decided to appear for me.:slightly_smiling_face:


  • using same old quest units will get boring sooner or later as they dont change

  • mechanic to adjust spells, give extra on-game-start effects etc looks very complicated possible too troublesome to code for the effect offered, i asked once would they do that kind of buff adjustment for the event buffs for troops who scale with magic poorly but got no developers reply about this, so i figured they dont really wish to go that direction for now


  • i agree requiring 2 kingdom-bound units and/or hero included could be fun
    (but as a separate thing, i dont wanna touch the event that require to use a new event troop to get double traitstones - i think that one is too great to mess up - it gives extra reason to try NEW troops every week)

  • i think extra snots, gold, souls or glory would be cool since we got the 2x traitstones covered with a weekly new unit requirement