Mod please delete


Godslayers do not work in invasion unless they are the troop of the week.

Case in point this week I was playing invasions I used the Urskaya Crown on my hero and summoned a Xiong Mao his skull and attack damage did not multiply damage against the tower I was attacking based on the ascension.


He was fully traited?


Yep. I have every troop fully traited. I even have it on video but uploading video isn’t the simplest.


Well that suck i hope it’s a bug and not intended cause in the rare case it happenning you want it to work


Godslayer and Siegebreaker are two completely different thing…? I think that why it doesn’t work.


That looks to be the case.

In that case I suggest the ascension multiplayer should work the same for both Siegebreakers and Godslayers and should work on bosses and towers.


I changed your title to ask to be deleted. Do you want to change it again and do a feature request?