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Invasion has a bug when using The Worldbreaker

In invasion the following problem occurred:
My team had The Worldbreaker in first place.
When the last Tower, in stage 8 level 86, dealed damage, the Worldbreaker reflected a part of the damage and in doing so he destroyed the last tower.
Instead of getting a victory the game froze an I had to exit the game and restart it but I didn’t get the win. This happened 3 times.

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That’s oddly specific and yet reproducible… I have sigils I don’t need, I might see if I can get that to happen for me too.

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First try I couldn’t get the scenario to trigger, sky skulls for me.

I just got a win doing it, no freeze. Not sure what else to do.

No frozen game here, but i also had Infernal Armor kills on towers not counted as kills, with troops killed that way sometimes remaining on the board with a small amount of hp, without affecting the battle anymore though, so no losses or crashes, just missed towers kills.

Mine got me a kill.