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(Mobile) Green exclamation mark notifier for the Ads tab should dismiss upon opening (like the Offers tab)

Per title. My assumption is that it’s intended, and I would like it changed.


The reasoning is that it’s annoying (distracting) and seems (to me) unnecessary, once acknowledged (by opening the Ad menu). This is regardless of the fact that it’s not flashing or animated.


I agree, the various notifications in the game behave differently. Some notifications only require a passive action or collecting to go away (PVP Defense & Mail). Others require a dynamic action to go away (Watch Ad, Play AB & Wednesday Pet (sort of)).
In chat settings we have the option to turn off notifications. Is that possible with these other “!” ?



It’s in (virtually) the same place as the Exclamation Mark for “Kill 100 Opponents” or a Guild Mate posting a message…

The offers one is more annoying. I’ve had to click it three times to stop the exclamation point. It’s starting to get me angry. So far the game has had a good balance on this sort of stuff. This release has given me pause.