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Remove ad exclamation mark [NOT A BUG]

I am fully aware this is not game breaking and is likely of zero priority. It bugs (get it? Harhar ok I’ll stop) me more than it should. I keep seeing the exclamation mark taunting me, mocking me… So anyway, bug report time!

Platform, device version and operating system:

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
The ad button always has an exclamation mark. If I click on it then exit, the exclamation mark is still there. I would expect two things:

  1. If I watch the ad, the exclamation mark is gone and will return when a new ad is available. This works presently.

  2. When a new ad is available, and I acknowledge it but do not watch it, the exclamation mark should disappear as there is no new info to convey. This does not happen presently.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
This has always been the case since ads were introduced. I thought this would have been fixed soon after since the devs has stated the ads were to be non intrusive. Since it is still happening, here I am.

Steps to make it happen again

  1. Wait until an ad is available.
  2. Do not watch an ad but acknowledge its existence by clicking on it then cancelling.
  3. Exclamation mark will still be there. Cry as it taunts you as it is invincible.

I have to 10000000% agree with this. It looks as if I still have something to do in the game, and it annoys the hell out of me.

If I want to watch an ad, I will. I do not need a reminder that cannot be removed. I’m VIP lvl 14 and spend enough money already. Please remove this ! Or at least give us the option to be able to remove it. This is literally 5 mins work for somebody.


I agree - that “!” needs to go.

But it won’t.

The game is intended to actively nag you to do things to give it money. If you don’t like the animated “!” you can pay (with your time, watching ads) to make it go away.


Now after the 5.3 update, this also applies for the Shrine tab on the left.
So mobile players have two exclamation mark over there.

I doesn’t show that for any shop option/daily offer if we decide not to buy. I wonder why that’s a thing?!


Am disappointed this got marked as not a bug when it is. If other menus, such as the daily offer menu, lose their exclamation mark after clicking it and not buying, other menus should be the same for consistency.


100% agree. Its just super annoying

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Patch 5.40

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Between you not being irked at an exclamation mark on the screen by them removing it and the potential of you clicking on the ad and making them some money what do you think they will choose?

Half of you guys have threatened to stop playing the game for things much worse than this and yet are still playing. What makes you think they’re even gonna bother to look at this?

They won’t, and everyone with two brain cells to rub together knows they won’t. It doesn’t matter who posts about it or in what format.

It’s an intentional nag mechanism.

Doesn’t mean folks should just shut up and not express their annoyance.


I do not expect this fixed especially since this got tagged as not as a bug. If enough people talk about it though, maybe, just maybe it will be changed. But really, nah, I don’t expect a change, and my post itself says I assume it is of zero priority. I also agree with you that it is likely intentional to nag players.

I haven’t heard of anyone threatening to quit the game over this. Maybe someone has? I havent, and not in this thread. Not every issue has to be a game breaking issue.

Besides, I’m enjoying things like that million exclamation mark meme, even if it does hurt my eyes.

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