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Annoying notification that does not reset

Any time you’ve collected enough gold to the sanctuary, the exclamation mark appears near the Shrine’s button, but even after reviewing the offer it does not disappear, that annoys pretty much.

I understand you want to get as much monetization as possible, but think about users that play your game and fix this annoying bug so this exclamation mark disappears as soon as the player visited the Shrine even if they didn’t buy anything.


This has been reported before and I would be shocked if it isn’t intentional. They don’t care if you’re annoyed, frankly. They want every chance they can get to remind you that you can spend your cash there.


This isn’t a bug, and I know that isn’t what you want to hear. (Just wanted to let you know.)


I guess it is a bug, as every notification gets reset whereas this one does not.

And majorly - make it disappear on visiting and re-appear when the offer gets reset - that will be a win-win situation