Mobile ads - Why the hell does level matter? 🤦 Lol

Though the fine staff of Infinity Plus 2 is on vacation for the holidays. Their contractors (seemingly) are still hard at work this week carrying out their nerfing march orders.
My level 1600+ account:

My not level 1600+ account:

Definitely wasn’t that way when 5.3 was first released. Was most likely ninja changed recently. I just noticed it tonight.

I imagine I’ll wake up tomorrow with a flaming turd on my doorstep courtesy of the design team from IP2 given the roll out thus far this week. I really hope y’all didn’t nerf the new Mythic into obscurity but time will tell.

Ads… You finally buffed them, and then quickly found a way to make even that contentious. Unreal. Lol

Have to say I wouldn’t complain to much. You get free gem keys and gems for letting a small commercial run. If we had that on console I would do it in a heartbeat, but alas because of Microsoft/Sony we don’t get those perks.

I’d say be thankful for what you have.

By that logic, ads would still be 100 gold and 500 gold. :person_shrugging:
But always nice to hear from the platforms that don’t factor in regards to ads since they aren’t available there.

I can appreciate the buff and still criticize the decision to devalue a player base, based solely on level (it appears.)
These other games/companies shouldn’t care what level in GoW the player is. So why are the rewards different?
And I can criticize that it was done with a ninja change and not with the patch.

Hey I just spent another $10 on GoW last week.
The devs should be grateful I’m not complaining more.
(Based on the logic of appreciation of “rewards”. :slightly_smiling_face:)

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Another change that was not communicated? Figures. (Barbrady voice - move along, nothing to see here.)

And what is the reasoning behind this newest segregation? If it was at least - lower lever players get bigger rewards until they finally are the same at some level X (as a tiny compensation for lack of any catch-up mechanism, as far as I know), I wouldn’t be that confused.


Ballpark relative value of a player’s 30-second farming potential?
:thinking: :blush: :vulcan_salute:

I don’t click on the ads and even I think that’s messed up. New players are starting behind such a massive curve already that I can’t see the harm in letting them receive the full measure of resources from these.

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Since the nerf came after my work around for the alleged 9 month old bug now.

I can’t help but wonder. If the ads are actually designed to be available 3 times a day. Or if the devs/people selling ads want players just try log into to the game 3 times a day in hopes of an ad being available. If they aren’t part of the 2% of the player base who access the forums. They have no clue about my work around.