Ad rewards

I’m sorry if this has been posted before, but I did a forum search and couldn’t find anything…

A couple of weeks ago, the ad rewards on the Android platform were cut by 90+% from their previous amounts. They’re so puny now, there is no point in wasting any time watching the ads. The rewards on the iOS platform remain unchanged, meaning they’re now like 10x Android. What gives here??

Would you care to elaborate with examples?
I haven’t noticed anything unusual on Android.

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I noticed it on my alts. Under level 300 used to be offered 15k-20k gold. The amount got nerfed and is now 5k-10k for ads.

I didn’t agree with the obvious nerf but I figured the devs are desperate to get players to be active again. My theory is there’s way too much stuff in the game and newer players feel overwhelmed. The devs seem to be blaming gold generated from ads.


I see. That explains why there is no change I could see - way past 300 and no other low level Android accounts.

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I’m getting 350 gold instead of 15K. Getting 5 gold keys instead of 50. Etc etc. I can find no announcement of any change, but clearly something has changed since other players are seeing the same things.

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They significantly improved the rewards a long while ago. Possibly worth checking if you are now seeing the old rewards again, wouldn’t be the first time that some old configuration slipped into an update.

I’ll check if this has been changed or reverted for any reason :thinking:

There was a bug where no matter what level you were, you would get the highest tier rewards for watching ads. This was fixed during 6.6 - unfortunately, we missed the memo here on CX so didn’t communicate it at the time, I’m sorry for that.