Mistakenly made an admin

I’ve reached out to Dev’s in game and was told to pm them here. Sent a pm with no reply. Used the contact us feature and still no reply.

When i registered for the site a few days ago i was erroneously given admin status and allowed free control over the site. I could alter and edit any thing on the site, and had I wanted to could have caused a lot of trouble. I reached out the the admins and devs because I want them to correct the issue before there IS an issue.

I was able to find the source of the problem. The site was set to make any new registered user a admin. I changed the setting to subscriber (the base settings all users are at), so the problem is now resolved and any new user will be the correct setting. However I would recommend going through the list of admins and removing admin from anyone else who may have received it by mistake.


Thats a strange one lol

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They should give you like 10 billion free gems for not destroying the site :sunglasses:


that would be nice wouldn’t it :smiley:


I imagine nobody noticed before because registering on the main site, rather than the forums, is pretty much useless. Actually, I just tried to register and it failed with some garbage on the page. I think I tried when I first started playing and had the same problem, then found the forum and figured the main site registration was something old and no longer relevant.

@Sirrian, you really might want to check this out.

Yep - thanks to @Daddywarrbux for fixing that for us (not that the main site contains any real secrets… it’s mostly used for the blog & a link to the forums).

We saw hi post on Friday, but because we were all working on the update, everybody “just figured” somebosy else had responded. We’ll get our tech guy to take a look on Monday (I’m very bad with websites).

Time for a new website soon anyway, I think.


@actreal is going to be either really excited about new trophies or upset that he is losing his current horde…maybe both :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh, we wouldn’t change the forums - the forums are great. It would just be the main website & the blog.

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Confirmation of a possible update! Woot. I will take any updates to anything.

The answer is yes. :stuck_out_tongue: