First error logging in the game then gw match mysteriously lost

Like 10 min before reset, I tried to log in the game and got INCORRECT LOGGING DITAILS, strange, bacause I played until 2am this morning. I sent ticket, and Voxx answered super quickly. But imagine my shock when I saw no bonus for daily loggin, my mail was clicked (I am vip and get keys; had the keys but no mail) and lost a gw match. So how was this possible if I wasn’t able to log in before reset? I asked Voxx to check the time of that gw loss, so he could see it wasn’t me and I hope he could do something! I can’t believe this happened!!!

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So that makes 2 of us with GW losses out of thin air versus anonymous.

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Anonymous you mean?

Good luck guys, I hope you will get the chance to redo your match rather than the 10 souls compensation

@clana I cannot really know what happened, but it does sound to me like someone was able to get access to your account.
… Not sure how relevant it is at the moment - but I’d suggest a quick change of login data (password, recovery email if it can be used for stealing your password).

I really hope developers are able to help you with the GW battles. You guys were an excellent opponent last week, and I believe I say it on behalf of all Anonymous, that we enjoyed fighting you back then, and wouldn’t enjoy the competition knowing you guys were unjustly stripped of your battles.
… Definitely keep us updated. We’ll be rooting for you!


I really hope some dev could offer a solution and not 10 glory as consolation prize. Thanks @peterix for your kind words.

I really hope this isn’t a bug related to the GW guilds reshuffle.

@peterix Thanks for the kind words. We were very glad to squeeze it out with three of our long term players stepping down to more casual play experiences. They got to leave on a high note.

Ok, so it seems that someone tried to take over the account. Someone gifted me the account, a few weeks after was created, and the original owner of the account told me he wasn’t him trying to do the take over! However, Voxx assured me that now the account is 100% mine so I won’t have problems anymore. However, they can’t undo the lost gw match and got 5000 Gold, 10 Souls, and 10 Glory and we’ll get a thank you gift in the future.

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