Missing $$$ sound

At first I thought I was just stupid or not paying enough attention, but since this happened several times now I thought I’d let you know.

So here is what happened:
I was doing the usual stuff during invasions, matching three gems and suddenly ending up with an extra turn. There were some gems dropping and auto matching but I did not really pay attention what exactly happened. However there was no gold sound animation which usually indicates an extra turn. Either there was nothing to cause this extra turn (i.e. no 4 or 5 matches, hence no gold animation) which would be a bug, or there was something I did not notice and it just did not play the little “bling bling” sound.
Either way, this is not what was supposed to happen so I am just reporting it here. It does not happen often at all but I noticed it at least three or four times over the last couple of weeks (pretty sure it was there before 1.0.7 btw).

Edit: Just happened again but this time I paid attention. 5 match without displaying either visual or acoustical gold effect.

Hi @xSidarothx,

Thanks for this report, we will look into this further. The next time this happens could you please do a small video with the sound on and send it in a support ticket so then we can see what is happening.

QA/ Support Team

Sorry I have currently no working recording tool but I think it only happens with auto matches after gem spamming and from dropping gems, not when you manually match them (and it is kind of a rare phenomenon). Hope it still helps.

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