Missing classes - underworld factions - weapons - pets and other features since reset

reloaded and all but 2 of my doomed weapons disappeared. The extra classes did too though meaning no access at all to Tidecaller or Stormcaller

Devs have already left work for the day soooo

I don’t seem to be missing any factions or weapons, but several classes are missing (for example, Corsair, Dervish and Sentinel).
I also seem to have a number of classes twice (Titan, Thief, Warden and Warlord)…

Do they ever have internal control procedure?

I’ve been playing this game for nearly 5 years, and I have never seen any sign that indicates that they have a quality control department, or that they actually play test new content… :frowning:

This basically is just the normal situation after every patch or update.

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FML. My game restarted and now I’m missing this stuff. @Sirrian, @Saltypatra, please have your evening person address this. It is not an issue confined to a single platform.

@Darkness, the initial patch rollout of 4.6 was incredibly smooth. I can’t think of a single issue. So of course they had to push their luck with this mini-update today, which apparently involved rolling back certain account data seven months?

Edit: more screenshots in a different thread.

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But even though I don’t seem to have the Dervish class in the list, it is still available for me, because I can still play a team that I have that uses Devish class.

So maybe it’s just a visual bug in the troops/weapons/hero class menu?

Yeah I still can play missing classes in delves so it could be visual bugs but I can’t access class talents/traits.

Careful - levelling points might not go anywhere when levelling classes. I’ve Corsair in teams , last one needing 2 levels, but not in class list. I’d not want to waste any earned class Xp, so it’s sitting.

That’s not going to help, somehow some of the assets got set to invisible as part of the Hot Fix. Not sure if it’s server side or client side, the latter will require another Hot Fix.

I was play on PC after day restart and all was fine, but after question of my guild member i start GoW n Android - and saw this issue, and after that on PC i have same issue.

Good thing is guild wars week. I think those 50 gems had a hex,sneaky gnomes!

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We must set defence teams, with missed classes/weapons?

P.S. I think this is wrong idea - publish updates BEFORE GW!

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So, the reduced content we are seeing right now, does this happen to match what has been released on Switch so far?

Clearly cedric is starting a riot.
First his vault got raid thousands of times last weekend, now his medal got nerfed (rightfully so) so he’s seeking vengeance

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Same issue here. Most doomed weapons gone, most underworld factions gone, a whole bunch of classes gone. Didn’t check troops too, but I’d assume they’re missing some there too.

Basically it’s a full (visual) roollback to 3rd tower of doom-times, as there’s just doomed blade, club and xbow in inventory. Everything ele released since then, classes, factions, weapons, banner, is marked as invisible.

Not daring to spend glory on the new troop nor keys for the legendary, till the issues are not fixed.

We are back on switch. I just got done playing wars there. Dont want to do it again.

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Same thing on my account.

Only classes effected.Near as I can figure, I haven’t done reset, and I wont until they fix this. Stay logged in? Best idea so far…

Hello this is shit some the underworld misses the others the weapons the other the units then the class. And what comes next we would be gk 2 and have now slipped in 4 because it is synonymous but what is not people get the game back under control. And look what’s up with gk it’s very annoying