Delves disappear

*Windows 10 operating system

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
14 faction options not only 6 on repeated log ins

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
on repeated logs in and yes i have all the updates through steam

Steps to make it happen again
every time i log in
Fix it I have 14 factions but can only access 6 - 8 have disappeared. Not a good gaming experience
By trolling the forums I can see this is a common problem - but it still needs a fix.[ edited after seeing its everywhere]

Some questions:

  • Is it always the same six factions you are still able to access or do they change?
  • What happened to the other factions, do they show up as locked on the Underworld map? Please post a screenshot.
  • Did you have any progress in any of the factions you are no longer able to access, e.g. Hoard leveled up or Delve runs completed?

Edit: Seems to be an issue with the Hot Fix, see Missing classes - underworld factions - weapons - pets and other features since reset

Here is where City of Thieves is supposed to be in the underworld. It is not there.

I still have the troops from that faction:

But I have to search for them by name, since that faction doesn’t appear in my Kingdom list as a selectable option:

Also note that I have a team listed that uses the Corsair class (“Hard Loop”), even though I can no longer see or select that class when making a new team.

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Maybe it’s been stolen… :wink:


I read the title “Devs disappear”. Seemed fitting to this gloomy monday. :rofl:


I was unable to find the Sentinel Class while I was attempting to switch the Class in the Delve Menu. All the other Hero Classes were there, just not the Sentinel one, which was selected from before.