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New classes? New kingdoms? New artifacts, New boss?


Im loosing the will to play. Are there any future things to look out for?
boss like Zuul? all bosses are collected
extra class? like expland the sea to make more kingdoms, that was very useful.
Now im at a point, what to do next in this game…

Give the heroe an artifact and you have the talent tree for the artifact…
So you have to use a class and an artifact to get the talents for the artifact.

Summarised: what are the plans?

I guess it’s a spectrum isn’t it? There’s too little to do for you, too much to do for me. I’ve been playing virtually since the game was launched but I don’t have ZG, have still to comp!ete my first lvl 500 delve, still to get my first pet to lvl 20.

We al play the game atourown pace but personally there’s still plenty for me to do. I don’t want to be overwhelmed with more stuff that I’ll never get to.

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We’re all currently waiting to see their plans after the last 6 Factions are released. Hopefully, it’s a new map with some game mode that solves the Deeds/Book problem. I doubt it, but let me have my hope.


The deeds/books problem was “solved” by creating flash offers with them. :frowning_face: :laughing:

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A lot of people don’t know, but you can get deeds in the Arena rewards. Though I think they reduced the frequency. Or maybe I’ve just been on a run of bad luck.

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Yeah, I guess it’s like that

That’s good questions to ask on the Devs Q&A stream.

To become balanced, Krystara needs 2 more kingdoms: 1 for Blue and another 1 for Green. Will they be added? What else will be added? What will happen after all factions will be revealed in the Underworld?

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