Missing 7.0 achievements

The 2 new achievements are showing on Steam.

Strangely, it seems to think I have already upgraded 1 of the 3 troops to Shiny Level 1, so am a third of the way to completing A Diamond in the Rough. I don’t think that can be correct as I’m only a new player and haven’t upgraded any troop, except for raising Kitsune to Level 2 (which the tutorial requires you to do).

Edit: I just read the below thread and going from the pictures, it looks like you only need to possess the shiny tokens in your inventory for a troop to be upgraded to shiny? If so, then maybe my 1/3 achievements is correct as I do have 5 shiny tokens in my inventory. That’s pretty confusing though, as I have not “upgraded a troop to shiny”; I simply acquired some shiny tokens. It seems the upgrading happens automatically/passively.

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