[Reported] Shiny token also upgrade enemy side

as you can see , sir ailuin also got my lv2 shiny on enamy side. i have checked other lv1 shiny troops. it also happens to them. but obviously, the lv2 shiny is shared from my inventory.

Dev, please remove all their shiny tokens.

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Has already been reported 6 weeks ago.

Might get fixed or not at some point. So far, the longest stretch between a bug report and its fix was about 2 years, so prepare to be patient.

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Well almost 2 months down then. Just 22 more months to go for a fix. :sweat_smile:

Well, I do not necessarily think, that it will take that long (unless they play the “it’s impossible to change the code” card), but I wanted to deliver a worst case scenario. The one I meantioned would have been the maze banner, although the lance knight bug had its second anniversary too lately and, if they choose to fix it, would become the new record holder.

Vash’Dagon says Hi.


Hello :slight_smile:

I’ve added your screencapture to the existing report to the development team.

In the meantime, @DU54

  • Please let me know what type of gamemode you had your battle in
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That happens in several modes. PvP, Adventure Board, Journey and Explore to name a few …

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that picture was captured from explore 1. as other people said, pvp, adventure, journey also can find this bug. mainly due to enemy share our shiny data. thank you.

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Additional info:

If the troop is a unique variant, the bug does not appear.

Dokkalfar is shiny as an enemy troop for me.

King Dokkalfar (Friday Dungeon) is not.

I hope, that helps somehow.


Those are not the same troop, you won’t have any tokens for King Dokkalfar (or even own him).

I know, that it’s not related to the reason of the issue. However, it might be a way to solve it.
If development says, that they cannot assign a different shiny status to enemy troops due to technical limitations (and after one and a half months, I bet this excuse was made at least once), creating a complete hidden set of opposing troops could be a workaround.

The only issue with that is they have said there are plans to make essentially every(?) troop shiny at some point, and this solution would essentially double the card count in the game. An easier solution would be having a variable to represent shiny status of a card, and when generating the enemy team just put an if/then to set the shiny status to level 0. It would be one more line of code to run during team generation, but that should have an almost nonexistent impact on the load time.

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