[Reported] Opposing Troop appears to be shiny

Platform, device version and operating system:
iOS 16
Screenshot or image:
I’m including pictures of the troop details of my own troop and the Huntmaster on the opposing team.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I was expecting the opposing troop to not be shiny. The Huntmaster on the opposing team shows the original mana cost, but the troop is sparkling and has the spell that appears when a troop has been upgraded to Shiny Level 2, creating 4 red gems instead of 3 red gems.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
It happened when the troop appeared on the opposing team in a Journey battle. It began happening after my own Huntmaster was upgraded to Shiny Level 2.

Steps to make it happen again
I assume going up against the Huntmaster again and checking the troop stats and spell on the opposing troop details, but I’m out of sigils.


Hello, :slight_smile:

This is not a bug.

Troops can appear as shiny if they are at least a level 1 shiny troop.

Wait, let me get this straight. So the AI can start getting Shiny Troops if the player upgrades their version of the troop to Shiny?

Then why would the player want Shiny Troops of troops they aren’t going to use if it’s going to make the enemy AI stronger?


Hello again :slight_smile:

Please let us know if this is happening consistently for any shiny troop above level 1 that you own.

The actual question is that when one of your Troops is shiny, suddenly all cpu Troops appear Shiny too?

I was running the Holiday event yesterday when a Lycanthropy Gem randomly turned an enemy into a Crysturtle and while the battle was over too quickly to confirm (nor did I capture it on video) I think it appeared Shiny.

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Created a forum account for this.

If this is in fact intended, you’re actively punishing players for using your newest feature. If I’m just going to get looped to death by a shiny 2 huntmaster then I’ll simply strive to NOT shiny him or future troops at all. Why bother to open shiny chests or even utilize the shiny feature at all if it just makes things objectively worse for the player?

How will this effect Guild Wars too? Will opponent shiny levels be based on the attacking player’s shiny levels or the shiny levels of the defending player? Because that can make a HUGE difference!


Confirmed enemy troop is at your own shiny level. My Huntmaster is at level 2 and today I found him in WE and he is showing shiny level 2


Yet the mana is at 12 and for that shiny level it should be 11. This is why nothing is adding up. The spell change is really, really concerning!


For now, that’s the only shiny troop that I have at level 2. We are keeping an eye on some players that have another one close to 2 so that they can test it once they get it there.

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Confirmed. Battled him too with shiny 2

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Do you know if he had the benefits of level 2? I saw it as shiny on the opposing team as well, but it still needed 12 mana (same as in your screenshot), so I assume it’s just a visual bug.

Would be interesting to see if it happens in PvP as well.

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Yeah I forgot to check his spell.

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Spell was upgraded on my case. Both have been Winged Shot +


The enemy spell says boost +9, which would imply it’s only creating 3 per dragon instead of 4 per dragon as stated in the spell description, which implies a visual bug.

But yours (at shiny 2 and should be creating 4 per dragon) says boost +3 which should be +4 if shiny 2 spell is creating the correct amount.

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The boost factor doesn’t change for shiny level 2, it’s the base amount that gets bumped up from 3 to 4. A shiny level 2 Arborius in a full dragon team will create 4 + (4 x 3) = 16 instead of 3 + (4 x 3) = 15 gems.


That’s actually the display bug that they’re supposed to fix, hopefully by the next update. The 11 is still there in the actual battle though.

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This literally removes any incentive to make my troops shiny.

Thanks for this information.


Hello :slight_smile:

Thank you guys for confirming!

It is not intended for enemy troops to constantly appear Shiny because you have your own Shiny troop upgraded. (If this is currently happening to you)

I’ve currently reported this issue to the development team.


it is still unfixed, opponents just mimic my whole shiny pool, you should know that i recommend all players to not open shiny chests as they can’t control what troops will get shiny.
so, i also recommend to not buy any event offer, these shiny keys are useless right now.
i can’t understand why you devs hurt your own monetization :man_facepalming:


+1 This is still happening.