Shiny troop -1 mana not working in battle

I have two troops that are upgraded to the second level of the shiny code yet it doesn’t reflect this in the game!!

Android 14 Os

Pictures says a 1000 words

Uploading: Screenshot_20230802_150158.jpg…

Second troop

Can you click on the More Upgrades button and show the Shiny progress bar for each of these troops?

it should be working. Without taking my own screenshots…


0/11 vs the original 0/12

Bringing up the troop should show upgrades as a feature and not how it currently is, but at least it technically works.

Same thing happens when I test Crysturtle and I’m assuming any shiny troops in general.

Another interesting thing i found out about how this bug is acting is that it doesn’t start to change once I’m in battle it changes once its dropped into your team

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At least they know?


Thanks for reading only the last post but if you read my entire post you would see that this has been violated too

and if you took a second to stop looking for faults in the wrong places, you could just look at your team during battle and clearly see Slughoader is x/11. The -1 mana is working.

What’s not working is the troop display showing the original mana cost when you’re looking at the troop’s info.

They know that’s a problem. If you just read the post that you’re blaming me for saying that I didn’t read your post, they clearly posted the issue and the screenshots you’re showing again is the same thing they’re aware of.

“Whereas if you view the Troops’ details when a part of your team it will display the original mana cost.”

“It’s intended to display the reduced mana cost on all screens.”

Once again, the display is wrong. They know. The actual -1 mana function works fine.


After going back and playing a battle the mana is correct but it still doesn’t downplay the bug that this is. Having to comb though every single nonfixed bug is what you do apparently report is what i do.

I mean does anything from this update work, except the credit card reader taking money from players and rewarding them with a terrible UI experience and more broken mechanics and bugs? Asking for a friend.


Actually no, even that has bugs , there is a thread about missing bought rewards.


Well, it does take the money successfully. No one said anything about delivering all the goods. :wink::sweat_smile:

(I know, fix is coming and all but messing up paid for content is rough)


That was exactly my point, it takes money and gives nothing in return. (Except headaches and a terrible UI that no one asked for)

Not things anyone can notice, but things that only people with shine can see