Missed the fish face, still a chance to get him?

Dindt get fish face when he was available for glory some weeks ago. Is he still available? Gob-Fisher or what he is called.

If you wait a while he’ll eventually show up in the draw pool of the Glory Chests.
Unless he’s already there now? Can anyone confirm pulling him with Keys?

All Troops (minus not in season Imps) appear in chests the following week of their release.
Gob-Chomper’s it’s name, and yes it is available via Glory & Gem Chests.

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got 2 from chests so far

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I would say that it is. I opened an ‘Imp of Love’ the other day and best that I can remember it came after Gob-Chomper

Yeah, got mine almost half the way to Mythic now. :slightly_smiling: