Mini Competitions (And Social Media)


Date Elspeth, and have her kill the other two because hey, free knights.

Marry? Marry why ya buggin…


Why this forum is not-good-enough for this kind of mini competitions?


Um, it is? That’s why I’m letting you know about it here?

Our mini competitions are run on social to drive engagement and numbers. We don’t need that on the forums. We run our big competition here instead of social for that reason as well.


Do the awards apply for console players as well?


Yes, the rewards can go to a player on any of our platforms.


What is the rewards?


It can change, but I usually send out some keys.


Should do some kind of raffle. Then have various prizes if your number is drawn you get a random mythic troop.


New bed, wed or behead competition up on our Facebook and Twitter!


This time it is between Luther, Ferit and Tezca!