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Mini Competitions (And Social Media)

Hey lovely forumers!

You may or may not be aware that I run our social accounts, and regularly post quality content such as: “It’s time for a round of Date, Marry, Kill! Your choices are Raven, Elspeth and Grapplepot. As always, there are prizes up for grabs.”

date marry kill

Each week I run a little mini competition with some prizes up for grabs for interesting/amusing/touching/whateverIlike answers. I’d love for you all to feel welcome to join in if you so wish. :hugs:

You can enter the competitions on our Twitter or Facebook, whatever you prefer! I pick winners from each.


I got first!!! :slight_smile:

And it can be from ANY ANY viewpoint?

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Date Elspeth, marry Raven, kill Grapplepot. What do I win?


You have to reply on social @Grundulum. I send in game mail with some keys typically. :slight_smile:

And you have to have an answer so amazing that it moves me.

Marry grapplepot cause no one will steal her from me and she never been married so she won’t cheat me. Kill elspeth cause grapplepot is jealous and date raven and hire him to kill elspeth


I take it from your response that my matchup was insufficiently moving. Ah well, I’ll try to be more expressive next time!

(Should this thread have an “Official News” tag?)

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I don’t think my Elspeth fanfic would be, ahem, forum appropriate.


@UKresistance Oh, oh dear…


How’d you know the opening line? -.-


hmm thought it was always f*** marry kill? hmm :sunglasses:

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I was trying to be PG 13. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I liked your official Facebook page since I do not the Twetty Bird thing

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Since I don’t do Facebook or Twitter I’ll reply here. Marry Grapplepot it will be a sexless marriage, date Raven and kill him on our first date, kill Elspeth revive her and kill her again.

Thanks @maximuse2004! The Twetty Bird is my personal favourite.

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Who won the prize for ‘what do you love about your guild’? A few of my guys posted and I wrote this big long post about how we came to arrive at where we were now and why we called our guild what we did. It’s was easily the best comment by a county mile! I have Facebook but was locked out of my twitter account for looking at ‘inappropriate content’. How odd? I’ve made a new account but it’s still pretty messed up! Twitter, it’s a bloody pita!

I love the good old Twitter.

I usually select a few winners for each competition, and it’s really just whatever takes my fancy. (I do tend towards either very sappy replies or very funny ones.)

Elspeth looks like a conceited cow so I’ll avoid her. Bet she’s boring in bed too. Grapplepot looks like a fun shag, so I’d have a go.


She’d be grateful anyway.

I posted mine on Facebook…

tehhhe teeheee snicker


I won’t lie this competition has given me life. I’m going to do a Date, Marry, Kill once a month.