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Happy Valentine's Day! ❤

I just wanted to shower the forums with a little bit of Valentines LOVE!!

:heart: :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heart:
:heart_decoration: :heart_eyes: :heart_decoration:
:heart: :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heart:

To all of you who are regular contributors:
Thank you for making this forum a true sanctuary for me. Without delving too deep, allow me to share that life can be very taxing and the friendships that I have created here, whether reciprocated or not, have been a balm. Gems of War is more than just a game for me, it is a fraternity, no male chauvinism intended. A fraternity where I am free to share my feelings, opinions, hopes, aspirations, and recreations with people of like mind and spirit. In this all digital age, I am grateful to have found this digital “club” to which I am proud to be a member.
With Love,



Did anyone fall in love with Queen Titania? Or Tyri? Or Queen Elspeth? Or… well… Skadi?..

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Nah… Queen Grapplepot all the way!!!

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Valentine’s Day is for real, and never hesitate to ask someone out today, you never know.
My wife was my valentine date 25 years ago.

Yes, Titania and I have been spending a helluva lot of time together recently…:heart_eyes:

Nah Mercy is my bae still.

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Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
You can love who you want,
but Valk makes me stay true!

Valk will always be my first GoW true love! :heart_eyes:

Happy Valentine’s Day!

My Favorite Troop, since it seems people are posting such, is the Cat Sith, not because he’s useful, but because I love the Art!!! I wish I could use him more, but oh well!!!

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My heart belongs to the emperor and nobody else

Happy valentine day for everyone in couple and happy branlette day for the single people

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Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!
I “enjoyed” the day with a dentist appointment.:sweat_smile: Hope you all had more romance than a root canal treatment offered to me!

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Here’s me and my lovely (rusty sword, no longer plays since ui ‘update’), spreading the love when we went to Liverpool.


I wish these were my V Dates… Cause you always want what you don’t have. :wink:



I dunno, man. Skadi I can see, but I think I am happier with Gangantaur not being my V-Day date. Because, uh, somehow he seems like someone who drools on himself during dinner and that always leaves such a bad impression at restaurants…


@Nephilim look like sirrian

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Good looking mofo’s @Sirrian

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Should’nt judge a book by its cover Sheba. Gargantaur is actually a better date than Skadi. Since he becomes a better person every time he loses someone he loves. Skadi… seems dishonest. Like she’s hiding something. Can’t figure out what it is yet though. She is the only “girl” I know that puts the toilet seat up for her man after she uses the bathroom though. Pretty cool if you ask me. My only real complaint is…we haven’t gone to second base yet. I mean… After 3 dates in 2018… I’m not asking too much I don’t think? Oh well, they say… Great things come to those who wait. So I guess we’ll see if that’s true. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(How’s that for fanfiction?)


Well, if you manage to have some success with Gangantaur, then you better hope Gargantaur never wants to become a better person, given that you would be one he loves then…:fearful: You might actually want to keep him being a drooling idiot…
And as for Skadi… I think in the best case, she’s just shy. I mean, she’s missing a bottom leg; surely she’s been bullied about it before and might not trust people very quickly. Though honestly, I’ve also heard she’s having something going on with Mab and these two being pretty close. Maybe she’s just a bit cold towards you because she’s not really into guys…? Though I never heard about Mab being into girls before, given that whole Hot Dude thing she had going on. Kinda weird she would be into Skadi then…:thinking::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Well considering she told me her name used to be “Scotty”…I think you may be on to something there. :wink:


No matter how hard I look, I can’t see this bloke thing regarding skadi. I remember all the preview pics and jokes and still couldn’t see what was going on, even when someone pointed it out, nope. Just don’t get it.