Medals should be part of the team

like the title says. medals should be part of the team and not global


So should talents. This has been requested many times. It would make more sense to have the medals and talents for the class be set per team and not globally but thats how they did it and reworking it is not a priority I guess as much as it has been requested.


of course yes. i normaly set and forget talents based on whats best and not what fits the team because of needing to change them.

I don’t think so, i’d rather be able to change them on the pre-fight screen where you see your opponent’s team.

you still could just on the team screen just before the fight

This would be a major improvement, making many things much simpler in the game. However, given how things are currently implemented, I would also image that this requires quite a bit of development and therefore won’t be prioritized against e.g., new features or more important bug fixes.


Sorry for the tangential hijack, but I have a small query arising from today’s Sunken Fleet PF run, and it may not be worth a whole new topic or to necro the Medal Release post from 2019:

Should Orpheus Medals be active in teams without a Hero? Because I’ve tested it in some heroless squads (to potentially mitigate the stun in mirror battle) and it doesn’t seem to trigger even if a troop is merely entangled: meanwhile, boosts from other medals apply normally.

Did I miss something? Intended? gowProgramming?
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Orpheus medals aren’t active while you are stunned. Only things that apply at the start of the battle (e.g. start with 50% mana) won’t get stunned off.

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I thought that was the case when the Hero is stunned: if my other troops are stunned but hero isn’t, shouldn’t Orpheus still work? :thinking: :vulcan_salute:

The medal counts as trait for each of your troops, sort of like the bonus traits you can get in delves. If all your troops except the hero is stunned then all your troops except the hero won’t have the extra cleanse chance.

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Ok, that helps: so I can therefore assume that a team with no hero would still benefit from Orpheus (Stun & Poison aside)…

Gotta test it again, because I may have been tricked by RNG on this one since zero Orpheus triggers on non-stunned entangled troops when no hero present in my previous tests
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Done and all works as per your description, thanks for the clarifications
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