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Max button for contributions

Just change your guild message to: DO NOT DONATE TO SOULS OR MAPS

Then you only have one task you can complete, and it cycles through blue coins, gems, glory keys.

Ya that would work but there was a bug or maybe it was a feature idk, but when a task had no money in it and you exited and reentered the task would change. Not sure if it still exists but this is why i want to put 1 gold in.

I’ve never seen that happen on consoles, but maybe I’ve never noticed. Our guild cycles through a lot of tasks so any changes I just assume was someone completing a task. But if you don’t touch the souls or maps you’ll always have a coin/gem/glory key to donate to.

And max donation on consoles would be a really bad unused feature, since we can still switch opponents for 10 gold and being broke means you are stuck with that opponent.

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support +1
That 100 gold option there is really unnecessary… even for newbie players.

Overall I just wish they made the server not take ages to process each time… takes like an hour to donate millions at the end of each week. Also if anyone else tries to donate at the same time somebody is gonna get an error, so its easier to work on the tasks “solo” when nobody else is on instead of as a guild.

That’s right and I take care about this.
but despite this, a little simplicity would be appreciated for this to take less time.
It’ll certainly be changed in patch 2.1
Let 's hope the contributions vary and are simplified anyway

Another option would be to add one button to quickly contribute maximal amout of gold to a given task.
For example into the marked area on the screen shot.
This way we would not even have to open subwindow to choose 100,500,1000…or max.

This will mean one click and it is done. Easy way how to contribute in a short term.


Great idea. The 100 button is no use after very early game and essentially pointless. Contributing a few hundred gold is so ineffective it is pointless. No need to keep it when it goes unused for so long after the first couple of weeks and 500 is manageable too.

+1 to this refinement - nice solution and would still keep the granularity for those that wanted it/ newer players etc.

I think that devs have great chance to implement this in upcoming 2.1 patch. Because they plan to chage task system they can easily help us to overcome this boring click feast.

Hehe finally with patch 2.1:

Thanks GoW Team :wink: