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Max button for contributions

All in the title

Can you change this:

to this:

I think 100 gold is a bit small, and max button can help a lot :slight_smile:


I luv the idea !


I agree with you about the max button, but for folks just starting out, I think the 100 is very reasonable.


probably, so perhaps : 100 - 500 - 1000 - MAX …?


+1 to this idea, please devs!

Brill… :slight_smile:

Uhh, clarification. Is that ‘all you can contribute’ or ‘as high as the task goes’? Because inevitably if you don’t have enough, that would default to the ‘21456’ gold you have and dump it all.

I don’t know about everyone else but some of us are totally OCD about these things called rounded numbers :stuck_out_tongue:

And of course, if we want to avoid that, we then have to click ‘1000’ 21 times instead. Not to say there is no middle ground to be found. I think MAX would be a nice button after 5k… as you said the first time.


Good idea!

OCD? You? :innocent:

That would cerainly save some unnecessary clicks.

You know I’m finicky :stuck_out_tongue:

I too cant allow my donations to be a non round number xD
Maybe this will happen in 2.1 guild update, who knows :slight_smile:

Wish i could just input a number to donate instead of clicking a button. This way i can even out the gold contributions because seeing someone give 1 gold (all the gold they had) is kind of sad and it hurts my ocd a little.

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the 2.1 patch is almost here, @Sirrian; @Nimhain do you consider this request?
I understand that many may not be touched by this problem, but for me, every week I give 1M and this become a real smal “suffering”.
I dare say I stock in my more gold at the patch output to give ~ 5M bonus to my teammates …:sweat: hard work.
Thank you simplify our contributions :slight_smile:


+1 to this, please!

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Seems like a waste of dev resources to save a couple of quick button pushes. And it will irritate the ocd crowd when they see non even numbers.

i like the idea

this would be a great improvement

I want ability to type exact amount, because I cannot stand ugly numbers. Once I donated by accident and then spend like a hour to make my donation amount like pretty again. :sweat:


I want this because i want to put 1 gold into contributions for tasks i want completed.