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How do I set gold donations above 1 million

So I’m trying to change our requirements to 1,200,000 but am having no luck getting it to change. How is everyone setting it past this? I can set lower but anything over a million says it can’t but I know other guilds on ps4 have it set higher so how do it do it?

It shouldn’t have to be this difficult. I should be able to put it in and change it. Like wtf. Really.

@Kafka can you set our requirement for me? 1,200,000 is what I would like it set at. Nemesis ps4.

So messing around I got 1.5 million to work. But that’s not what I want lol.

Ok. I figured the trick. You have to put it in and hit circle to back out. Hmmm. A little tricky but I figured it out.

It should be easier just saying. Rant over. Carry on.

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Is always an option. :grinning: