Gold in Guild

Hello, I would like to know why you removed the number that can be entered during the guild contribution, in the tasks. We could do this before and since the last update, we can’t. Thank you in advance.

Bonjour, j’aimerais savoir pourquoi vous avez enlevé le nombre que l’on peut entrer lors de la contribution de guilde, dans les tâches. Nous pouvions inscrire le nombre qu’on voulait avant et depuis la dernière mise-à-jour, nous ne pouvons plus. Merci d’avance.

What are you talking about? o.O

It’s what i’m talking about. Before the upgrade, we can enter a value where the “0” is, and now we can’t.

Uh, I’ve never been aware that anyone has been able to enter in a custom amount.


Sounds like a bug. Just checked and clicking that zero doesn’t do anything. I would have expected it to pop up a keyboard. Open a bug report in the forum.

What platform are you on? Does it allow on some platforms? I’ve only used PC to play GoW less than an hour in total over a year, so I can’t remember. On Android, you can only use the coin buttons shown.

I’m on Windows and I’m playing on Steam. I’m playing for more than a year.
I’m sure it’s not a bug. I was talking with others and they know we can enter a number, where the “0” is.

I’m on Android and see the exact same image the OP posted.

I have no idea if clicking where it shows zero gold ever allowed custom entering. Can’t recall if I ever tried or not. It looks like a text box though.

If they were able to enter a number in the past but can’t now, doesn’t that mean it’s a bug?