Match Condition: Draw

As you look into the PvP rework, consider adding a draw condition after some number of turns.

I have had several matches I’ve had to retreat from, because both teams are down to one troop that cannot kill the other troop.

I hate having to take a lose just because I am a human and see the mutual lock, and need to move on with life, while the AI has no such time constraints.

Does that mean both troops have a no damage dealing spell and 0 Attack? I never came across such a situation.

It’s more a case where both troops have a heal or gain life spell, where the heal or gain life spell greatly out paces any damage dealt.

So like Celestia Vs Celestia, Mercy, etc.

I can also think about another scenario, both sides getting whipped out at the same time - the most obvious example is a Berserker with 1 or 2 life killing the opposing troop with his spell, both being the last one on their side of course. I don’t know what happens right now in such case, as I never was in such a situation.

If you draw with the Berserker, you will lose.