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Fight does not end when all 4 of opponents' troops are killed

Fight does not end when all 4 of opponents’ troops are killed.

Please see this video:

Windows 10 64-bit, playing via Steam

I had exactly this happen in GW today and was really confused. I had to make 2 or 3 matches before the match ended. I have absolutely no clue what happened, because I expected to win so I made a haphazard move, looked away, then found chaos when I returned.

The main reason I didn’t report it was I didn’t get video until it happened, and couldn’t really describe what I did. It didn’t feel like I did anything weird.

I see this happen from time to time in pvp too. It usually takes only one more match to end it though.

This used to happen to me quite frequently. Funny, i was just thinking earlier (after having a ghost troop linger) that at least i haven’t had this happen in awhile so it must be fixed. I’m kind of disappointed now. Like previously said, another match three should end it. A 4 or 5 match or casting didn’t do it for me, always three.

I just had this in GW match. A little bit panicked because I didn’t want it to count as a loss, I fired off one of my Silver Drakons “just for the heck of it” and it hit “something” in the first slot and then I won the battle and got to the victory screen.

I know what team I had but frankly wasn’t really paying attention to what the enemy team was.