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Arena/Game battles in general - Suggestion

I hope this is the right spot to post this…Recently I was playing a game in the Arena, and it was an endless fight. No matter what our teams done we would heal ourselves back up. My team was filled with armor healer’s and the opposite team was filled with life healer’s. Both of our teams were in the 500 points range, and we did not have much power to hit one another to make our points go down. It was endless fight.

With that being said, could there ever be a draw option? Where it was basically a fair fight between both teams. :innocent::smile_cat::bow_and_arrow:

Unfortunately it is important to realize that a tie is a loss, so draft appropriately.

Easy fix for any match that is set to take ages, because only a healer is left on either side:

After 50 turns, reduce every troops stats by 5 at the start of each turn. After 70 turns, reduce every troops stats by 5+ 1 per turn taken after that.

Or you can simply retreat and start new arena.

I like that idea, sounds like a simple solution. It would definitely help the battle.

I ended up doing that…But kind of hurt my score on a perfect battle. It was my last one with no losses only wins. So it was a bit frustrating. lol :joy: