Battle durations

Hey not sure how this works but here goes! A time limit on pvp battles would be gr8 as I was locked in a 1hr endless loop against a l&d team vs l&d team! It would be awesome if these ended after say 10-15mins as a mutual victory! Thoughts?

Your only option is to resign. It’s also the best option. Anything over a few minutes just not worth it.

My OCD just won’t allow it lol! 15mins is prob a bit long, was thinking more along the lines of 5 but some might be unhappy with it! :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Its really up to the player. The game will not end a battle for you. 5 minutes GoW time is a long time.

I once had a PVP game against Guardian Crown that lasted for almost 10 minutes. I couldn’t do enough damage to take it down because it kept ending up with 1000 life.

Evetunally Megavore finally Devoured it, but if I’d not had that on my team I’d have been forced to concede.

I don’t think it would be a terrible idea to have a greyed-out ‘Regroup’ option next to Retreat that becomes available after x turns following a certain condition – e.g. neither side taking more than 10% damage to the remaining troops, or similar.

It’s been asked a few times, but can’t remember a response – maybe just because it hasn’t been seen to fit in to the current gameplay. I think I remember a comment along the lines of making sure it wasn’t game-able?

Regrouping would let you retreat without affecting wins/losses and keeping 50% of resources gained in-battle. Not available in GW. :man_shrugging: