Another plea to change the Retreat Penalty

Hi all,
As you know, you can retreat from any battle at any time. You accept the loss and forfeit your rewards. I can see how this rule is good for the game when the battle is first starting (to prevent dirty dirty botters from just spamming battles and retreating), but nearing the end of the battle it makes no sense.

I just played a match where I was down to my hero (with Mountain Crusher) was alone against three Bandits and a hero with armor gain. I knew I couldn’t win, and the Bandits were taking their sweet sweet time killing me. In this case I should be able to retreat from a lost cause and still gain the rewards I had earned thus far.

Devs please look at this rule and modify it to award rewards if the retreating team has only one troop remaining.

Thank you.

tldr: You should be able to collect your gold and souls from a lost battle if you retreat with only one of your troops remaining.

Sorry but i disagree if you lose you should lose everything. There is already not enough penalties when you retreat. People quit after 10 sec if they got a bad starting board and finish with over 300 losses and still can finish 1st on the leaderboard

If something need to change i would increase the point you lost when you retreat


I’m not even sure why anyone would retreat at the end. Whenever I lose the game still gives me stuff even though I lost.

OK let’s brainstorm here.

The reason we get no rewards on retreat is (I’m guessing) there are people who would farm their junk by retreating non-stop. I don’t know why. Maybe there’s a historical reasons and times have changed but I don’t feel like spam-losing represents more resource acquisition than just fast Explore farming.

Anyway, to keep it concise, I assume the problem “no rewards on retreat” solves is “to prevent the possibility of it being profitable to retreat from every battle”.

I think we can give people rewards on retreating and still satisfy that with a couple of rules. They don’t both need to be in place, but either accomplishes the goal:

  • You can get your rewards if the game has lasted at least 12 turns.
  • You can get your rewards if at least 2 minutes have elapsed.

In both of these cases, the player’s spent enough time on the match it’s preposterous to think they’re getting more resources from retreating this way than just trying to win. So why not?

What am I missing about why we get no rewards from retreating?

These are reasonable terms. I just figured if you only had 1 troop left you would have already proven that you are playing the game. This change wouldn’t affect many people. Everyone has had that game that never ends, usually because of attack being reduced to zero. After trying as hard as you can, a retreat feels pretty bad.

That currently doesn’t happen. If you play until the loss now, you gain resources. You are talking about changing the system in a completely different way which is irrelevant to the topic. Feel free to open a topic called “When you lose a match, you should get nothing, and also a penalty.”

Retreats don’t deserve loot.

In my head the scenario is something like a 4x Fire Bomb team on offense that spends 3 turns self-destructing then retreats. It’s still pretty quick compared to the other scenarios, so in the imaginary world where you make infinite gems retreating fast, it still works.

Locked per OP request.