For 30 minute GW that ends up going 3 minutes

This is sad the last battle for the day.

30+ minutes between my kerb and their giant spider - respawn and respawn to finally kill off their giant spider with Kerb and then widdle the two remaining swarms to zero

ONLY to be over by 3 minutes after midnight and those - our guild lost today by 528 points because my win of 2100 couldn’t be counted, even though we started long before midnight.

Sad… I finally able to take down 2 Kerb/Forst/Spider combo nicely and win and still lose


and what if it was a sunday battle? :cold_sweat:

i still wish we had gw weekend-free :cry:


Every day a little piece of my like for GW is widdled away now.

I am not sure how many more little nicks and widdles and issues I have left in me.

I’ve worked for software companies as a developer, engineering manager, etc. I know how hard it is to make complex software (even games) but I also know when something is fundamentally wrong.

We had a saying at a previous company - The software with a million papercuts… and that is how our users felt.

Finally instead of arguing or defending we redid the thing.

Up until GW the Dev here were amazingly always attentive to change and communicative. Since GW I felt that the majority of the messages contain some level of dislike to extreme disapproval(and there is a rule in customer support for ever 1 there are 10 that don’t say but feel the same way) and the Dev have been less than communicative.

I know about growing pains. I’ve stopped purchasing and not using my gold or gems in GW. I feel GW is the game with a million tiny paper cuts.


Sorry but if there are deadlines in a game, and you don’t get your stuff done until that deadline then you miss out.
That is not a GoW Problem, that is how it is done in many many games, basically any game i ever played with daily tasks/quests was that way from tripleA to indie games, you can’t seriously make this into yet another criticism of GW…

Start doing your stuff earlier then, or don’t let the daily gw “reward” validate your success, and feel like a winner regardless of whether you won 5 minutes too late or not.


Widdle = urinate?

Am I missing something here? :blush:

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Both Sirrian and Nimhain said the needed to focus their time on work/projects over the forums. You are correct and are observing the direct results of this change in their efforts.

“Extreme Disapproval”? From the devs? I haven’t seen this on the occasion they post.

i sympathize with the event but it was always about when you send your score, every game mode in this game behave this way. you missed the deadline. nothing sinister hidden agenda here.

it make sense that daily battles need to be concluded on that particular day.

but hey, now you learn and next time try do it earlier. you can do it :slight_smile:

Its how my granddaughter says “little”

Well, it only means the loss of the exp boost for the next day so it isn’t that big of a deal. Still counts for the weekly score which is where it really counts.