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Question: Is a DRAW in PvP possible?

Zarashel is over at my house and we’re rocking our usual weekend 2 brothers PvP session…

We know from testing that if a fully traited Gloom Leaf has 1 health left, if he is hit for 1,000 Skull damage he will reflect 500 of it.

So naturally a question came up. Lets say for example your opponent was down to his last troop, a Gloom Leaf with 1 health. And you were down to your last troop, an Anointed One with 1000 attack.

What would happen if you then hit with a Skull match? Surely the Gloom Leaf would die. Would the Anointed One die as well?


All draws are loses.


Holy moly, Tacet for the quick kill!

Thanks :slight_smile:

@tacet is, as usual, quite right…

Yes many times happened me in the past with gloom leaf and his thorns damage.

When the enemy hit the last skull, also died. But just like @Tacet say, is a lose match.