Mastery cap on PS4 version?


I’m trying to get Summer’s Fury for my hero (requires 30 fire mastery). Is it possible to reach 30 base mastery and receive this weapon in the current PS4 version?


I can’t think of a reason it wouldn’t be reachable.

Mastery choices come in the same cycle of 15 A/B options, so five of each 15 will have Red. So it is possible to get Summer’s Fury before level 100 if you focus Red.

Of course, I would advise a more diverse Mastery distribution unless you desperately want a specific weapon.


And since max level is 1000 you’ll be able to get all the weapons through mastery in due time provided you don’t focus on one the whole way which is silly because of diminishing returns on mastery.


I was just wanting to make sure its obtainable since I know PS4 is behind the other versions a bit.


I did that - focus completely on one mastery since level 1. Now my purple mana surge is 59%, 5% above my 2nd highest. It helps a lot in abusing troops that are good with purple mana, like Skeleton. :wink: