Legendary hero card


are these cards available at a certain level? the ones they provide us with in the arena or are they in the chests as well?


They start coming to you when you get your BASE (not including Guild) Masteries up to 30.

Prismatic Orb is at 25, but for all 6 Masteries.


thx but i dont understand wht u just said lol


when you level up you get a point to put in a color called a mastery. you start getting the weapons when those masteries get big enough you get the weapon.


oh ok so i have to keep leveling certain mana according to the card i like…thx


sry guys im still learning


not sure if this is only for the pc/android, but here is a helpful link.



thk you i’ll check it now


It depends. Some of the weapons are available via leveling your masteries but some are only available through the weekly events or from bundles that are sold such as sun and moon. Top of the page there is a link to weapons and you can find out how to get them from there.

Also should be mentioned war and peace comes from a khaziel quest after you finisht the normal quest.


In terms of the card itself changing rarity that is a function of level alone.


im on ps4 and we dont have the rarity feature


I don’t know what you mean by a rarity feature. You unlock legendary weapons by getting your mastery levels to specific amounts. Like you’ll get Summer’s Fury when you get 30 fire mastery from your hero. Bonus mastery from other sources, like your guild, don’t count.


oh ok i thought you were talking about changing the rarity of the monster card