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Map rewards upgrades

I think it would be kind of interesting to make maps like sigils and Increase the rarity of the reward with the maps spent.

But at the very least, I think the rewards need to be updated. They haven’t changed since the UI upgrade, before Delves were introduced and when Guild Wars was the only guild event.


it’s about Treasure Hunt maps, or something else? because it’s not obvious from the post above…

Yes. I am talking about the Treasure Map feature. It’s not been updated in quite some time.

I recall it was pointed out that a rework of Treasure Hunt mode is being processed.
But no additional info was ever included, so we don’t know how much work has already been done:

Planning (= re-designing)
Implementation (coding)
Testing (by machines and maybe people)
Bug fixing (and maybe rebalancing feature)

Wouldn’t be surprised, if it was still in Planning Phase…

If that’s true, I wouldn’t mind an update on where it is. I like the Treasure Hunt feature, but it’s not really a late game feature anymore.