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Treasure maps update

Would love to see the treasure map game updated. Similarly to how we periodically find stronger troops, throw in an epic, legendary, or mythic map with much greater rewards, and maybe some new design and icons on the map to change it up a bit.


Personally I would just like to see a UI update for the Treasure Hunt. The regular battle gem board is easy on the eyes with the 6 different colors, but I feel it’s harder to stare at the Treasure Hunt board for any length of time. The colors aren’t very distinct and the graphics overly complex.

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Treasure Hunt is easily the most fun mode in Gems of War and I am POSITIVE everyone here agrees with me. Anyone saying they disagree is just trying to be edgy and I understand and respect that.

The only update we need in Treasure Hunt Mode (aka The Perfect Mode) is to get one random ingot for every move. That would be awesome.

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Every X moves you mean?

People suggested ingots on green chest and above, and even Vault Keys inside Vaults, the devs never demonstrated to be very fond of some of these ideas or the ideas about using multiple maps to get a multiplier on the rewards.

Personally i would like some new kinds of treasure hunts with different boards, maybe some puzzles to be solved as if we were exploring the ruins and found a deathtrap or something similar.

Now that could be interesting. Certainly much better than the tedium of the current Treasure Hunt!